Highest Quality Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Kanata Granite has been serving Canadian families for over 15 years. We offer the highest quality quartz and granite kitchen countertops at affordable prices. Our lowest price is starting at $29.99/sq.ft.

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It is our dedication to provide you with kitchen countertops with the highest quality at reasonable prices
  • Spacious 5000 sq.ft showroom
  • Over 300+ kitchen countertop styles
  • Only high-quality granite & quartz
  • 15 years of experience in countertop fabrication
  • All in-house fabrication process
  • Fast delivery within 2-3 days
  • Installed kitchen countertop within 3-5 days
  • Average tenure of our installers - 10 years
  • Comprehensive warranty on all projects


Ottawa Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops
Ottawa Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops

With Over 15 Years of Experience, We guarantee highest quality & lowest prices For all Kitchen Countertops from Kanata Granite

Over 15 years, we have been proudly serving Ottawa and Kanata areas. Kanata Granite has been the number one choice for kitchen countertop company for hundreds of Canadian families. We have devoted our purpose to provide the highest quality of granite and quartz kitchen countertops at affordable prices. Our customer’s satisfaction made us one of the leading kitchen countertop specialists in Ottawa area.


Kitchen countertop renovations can often be a painful task. At Kanata Granite, our dedicated team of professionals have the experience to ensure you will get your dream kitchen countertop. We guarantee your satisfaction by selecting only the highest quality of granite or quartz for all of our kitchen countertops. State-of-art fabrication process and experienced installation professionals allow us to complete any projects within 3-5 days. In every project, we always place top priority on your absolute satisfaction.

Our Projects

We value each customer individually and pride our work at every step in delivering high-quality kitchen countertops


Granite Variety that does not require a compromise!

Kanata Granite has unmatched variety when it comes to selecting your granite kitchen countertop. We hand pick only high-quality granite slabs and carefully examine each granite slap for any defects or cracks. As a result, you always get high-quality granite kitchen countertops from Kanata Granite.

Elegance and simplicity of Quartz for the right price

Quartz kitchen countertops have been the number one choice for many Canadians. Availability of many types of styles and colours makes quartz kitchen countertop an elegant and affordable option. At Kanata Granite, every quartz slab goes through meticulous quality control for any decays or cracks. That's how we deliver the quality you can rely on.


Get your dream Kitchen Countertop today with flexible financing options

Get instant approval on available financing up to $25,000 today. The application process is short and simple. You will be pre-approved within minutes of completing the application form. Convenient terms & affordable payments.


Hundreds of Canadian families said YES!

Kanata Granite has been serving Canadians for over 15+ years. You can select from over 300+ styles of granite and quartz. Our state-of-art fabrication process can produce any form or shape of kitchen countertop. We provide a comprehensive warranty for all of our installations. We always place your satisfaction as our number one priority.

A complete project within 3-5 days

New kitchen countertops can be installed within 3-5 days from an order date. With Kanata Granite, your kitchen countertop renovation is a fast and easy process.

Select from 300+ Granite & Quartz styles

Our large selection of styles and colours for granite & quartz kitchen countertops ensures that you will find your perfect match. Please visit our 5000 sq. ft. showroom.

Affordable Prices starting at $29.99/sq.ft.

We agree that getting best quality kitchen countertop for best price feels great. You can get an installed kitchen countertop with Kanata Granite from $29.99/ sq.ft.

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