How to get high-quality kitchen countertop at reasonable price

Ottawa Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops

We believe that anyone can get the best granite in their kitchen or bathroom at a reasonable price. And if you capitalize on the three factors that are within your control, you won’t need to have an unaffordable budget.

1. Select the best price for granite: Who in your city offers the most competitive price? In the Ottawa region, Ottawa Granite is well known for the lowest cost. They also offer a free sink plus no installation fee; with your purchase.

2. Find the contractor with the best quote: 50% of your remodelling fee comes from the cost of labour. If the line between product and labour is invisible, you’re vulnerable to overpaying the contractor. To build a relationship with your supplier because you are agreeing to use their product based upon affordability. This makes you both invested in ensuring that nobody interferes with the master plan; saving you money.

3. Invest your granite wisely: Think about your resale value. According to Vasile Lupac, owner of Ottawa Granite, using granite for remodelling increased his clients’ property value by 15-20% more than other properties in their surrounding area. This occurred when it was used for: replacing kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, flooring and the facing around fireplaces. (Adding a sink or a fireplace in a kitchen adds additional resale value too).


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