Why Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops in Style

Ottawa Granite & Quartz Kitchen Countertops

In the past number of years, countertops have had a facelift–to beautiful, smooth granite. Years ago, kitchen counters were made with a laminate formica, which was fine but didn’t really add any style. Now, it seems everywhere anyone goes, granite countertops are the in-thing. Maybe he or she is ready for an upgrade to beautiful granite counters.

Advantages of installing granite countertops

There are many advantages to having granite countertops installed in a kitchen. Probably the biggest reason is the look. Granite looks smooth and striking against many colours, particularly red and black. Other advantages include:

  • Increasing your home value-since granite is classified as elegant and prestigious, having it installed in a kitchen or vanity will instantly make the home look more elegant and new.
  • Durable and long lasting-granite won’t chip or crack, and because it’s an igneous rock, made up of silica, quartz and feldspar, and thicker than most formica; it can withstand a lot of force and abuse
  • No maintenance costs-with granite, there really is no maintenance like with formica that, when old, can crack and peel away or stain easily
  • Diversity and choice-granite comes in many different colours, shades and patterns to fit anyone’s particular style
  • Highly resistant to wear and mold and bacteria

How to choose the right granite for your countertops

Since there are so many choices when it comes to picking granite, it’s hard to know what would look best in a person’s kitchen or vanity. Some tips for getting the right granite:

  • Visit Kanata Granite for assistance. Since they have expertise in granite countertops, they can help pick colours, patterns and shades to fit his/her needs and wants.
  • Look at different samples of granite. Kanata Granite will give you a free sample to take home and compare, so he/she can match it with their kitchen or vanity decor.
  • Think about the future and whether the house may be sold. Other buyers may not like someone’s choice of colour or shade, so choosing a neutral colour of granite countertops may be the best choice.
  • When selecting granite, it’s best to look at the lighting in the kitchen or vanity. If there’s not a lot of light, picking a lighter colour will help brighten the kitchen, and vice versa if the lighting is bright, darker granite countertops will balance it out

Whatever his/her needs are, it’s not hard to find the right granite countertops to match a home. And remember, shop for the best prices. Right now Kanata Granite has limited time specials on granite countertops and bathroom vanities.

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